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Expressions is a course that will change the way you look at your teenaged child in just 12 hours. Introduce your child to a millennial teacher who will mentor and guide your child into being the most expressive version of themselves.  This course will help your child naturally open up, find and be themselves, and naturally communicate with you and others around them.

This course is designed to help students communicate and express how they think and feel in a way that makes them feel better as well as gets their point across effectively. Through one-on-one communication, group discussions and even online communication, every student will be empowered with the tools to express themselves in a way that comes naturally to them as well as helps the listener understand what they are trying to say.


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Group Discussion

  • In small (4), medium (8) and large (16) groups
  • On relevant topics
  • Mental Health
  • Social Media
  • Pursuing passions/looking to the future
  • Social pressures (peer pressure, bullying, body positivity)
  • Individual/Personal identity (gender, sexuality, insecurities)
  • World issues (environment, human rights)
  • The pandemic, lockdown, and us


Individual Verbal Activities

  • Conversation Practise
  • Assisted Speaking
  • Show and tell:
  • Your artwork/photographs you clicked
  • Your pet
  • Something you treasure
  • Introduce a family member

Group Verbal Activities

  • Debates
  • Group Storytelling

Social Media

  • Adopting appropriate online behaviour on different platforms
  • Building an online identity, how to showcase/promote your interests
  • Staying engaged with friends, family effectively
  • Creating engaging content/posts/videos/reels
  • Using it as a tool to increase awareness


  • Journaling
  • Free poetry/verse writing
  • Personal communication with people who matter to you

Interactive Games

The fully interactive course aims to:

  • Help the teenager think independently.
  • Give them tools through which they can express these thoughts meaningfully and effectively.
  • Improve inter-personal relations and their overall ability to communicate with those around them.
  • Help them improve their listening skills!
  • Teach them to use different modes of communication (writing, speaking, online) to express themselves.
  • Expand their vocabulary!
  • Help them improve their power of expression and natural way of speaking.
  • Develop skills that will help them express themselves on digital platforms (including social media)
  • Build overall confidence, social skills and develop personality.


Class duration will be 1 and a half hour per session

Group A - Students studying in classes 9, 10, 11 & 12

Group B - Students studying in classes 6, 7, 8 & 9

The course will be conducted by Raisa O’Brien, a youth mentor and life skills trainer. Raisa is a millennial teacher with seven years’ experience and has her finger on the pulse of teenagers and young adults. She enjoys communicating with young people while in their comfort zone and on their wavelength, discussing relevant issues. They usually ‘open up’ and express their thoughts and emotions that may be bottled up.

Rs. 5,500 (inclusive of all taxes).

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The classes will be conducted online using Google Meet platform usually

The next sessions:
Group A (Classes 9, 10, 11 & 12)

Session: To be announced  Time- To be announced

Group B (Classes 6, 7, 8 & 9)

Session: To be announced  Time- To be announced

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Contact 9836237455 or 9831230988 for any query or assistance.

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