Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Amitabha Dutta

Calcutta Media Institute is set to embark upon an exciting journey; our destination is to create a center of excellence in the field of Advertising, Media, Communication and Marketing. I invite you to join CMI and share the excitement of this voyage.

Industry experts from across the country will help shape our courses and share their experiences in how they put theory into practice. Ours will be courses designed by the industry meant for the industry. At the classroom level, the interface with industry stalwarts will help you understand Indian markets, Indian media and above all the motivations and dynamics in consumer behaviour that drive common Indian citizens in making a brand choice daily.

You will find valuable practicing opportunities while learning in this journey.

Keeping pace with market changes and understanding the needs of an ever growing industry, going forward CMI has several plans that will benefit large number of students who aspire to become media and communication professionals. Do regularly visit our website and look out for what we will unfold.

The communication world is very dynamic and coupled with rapid technology changes we are going to witness a fast changing Media and Entertainment industry. It is imperative that Advertising, Media, Communication and Marketing professionals of the future are equipped to handle these changes. We promise to keep pace and help future generations understand and hopefully predict changes that will govern marketing and brand decisions.



Amitabha Dutta.

Director, Calcutta Media Institute.


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