Post Graduate Diploma in Management & Entrepreneurship

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Post Graduate Diploma in Management & Entrepreneurship

  • LEARN business and management skills [including specialization in one area]
  • UPGRADE Existing Skills and
  • ACQUIRE New Capabilities. through
    • Industry and function specific Coursework,
    • Prepare Term papers and Action Learning Projects,
    • Submit a PG Level Dissertation and
    • Get evaluated through a Multi-element Evaluation system

Core Value Propositions

  • Through completing formal coursework, industry-specific Action Learning Projects and term papers and also ONE comprehensive project, achieve the following:
    1. Acquire new generation skills in cross-functional, strategy and one specialization area so that participants are equipped to address contemporary business challenges
    2. With skills mentioned in [I], participants will be able to contribute effectively for businesses to develop and sustain competitive advantage


  1. Identify talent, through this program
  2. Develop talent through upgrading skills of talented officials further
  3. Reward talent for retaining them


  • A Comprehensive Learning Opportunity – Cross Functional, Strategy & Leadership and specialization in one area
  • Acquire within 11 month , while on-the-job & without using any office hour, PG Diploma level Certification from a University with high NIRF Rank [4th in ‘University’ category during 2021-22]
  • Candidates, not working at the time of joining the program, can take up a full-time job – side by side doing PGDME – since faculty-conducted sessions are delivered 100% LIVE and 2-way interactive to ANYWHERE India and the World on REAL-TIME and Direct2Participant basis
  • 3 Semesters including one covering specialization subjects
  • 720 hours of engagement over 11 months [45 weeks] comprising:
    • 240 hours of faculty conducted 100% LIVE DIGITAL and 2-way interactive sessions [120 sessions each @ 2 hours] OUTSIDE office/ working hours [four times a week sessions during 8 to 10pm]
    • 480 hours of scheduled and guided learning outside faculty conducted sessions
      15 Subjects [5 in specialization area]
    • 15 Action Learning Projects to address business and function specific challenges [5 in specialization area] – All industry specific]
    • 15 quizzes [5 in specialization area]
    • Many Individual case analysis/ discussions and guided/ monitored syndicate room discussions
    • 15 Presentations [5 in specialization area]
    • 5 program-end examinations
    • 1 Program end Comprehensive Project [in specialization area]

List of semester-wise subjects
Semester 1 [5 subjects]

  • Analysis of Financial and Cost Performance for Decision Making and Control
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Economics for Managers
  • Managing and Leading

Semester 2 [5 subjects]

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurship

Semester 3 [Specialization area – 5 subjects under each specialization]

List of Specialization areas:-

Strategy & Leadership [5 Subjects]

  • Strategic Analysis for development of strategy [including Industry and competitive analysis, Resources and Capability Analysis, strategy evaluation and choice]
  • Strategies for turnaround, consolidation, and growth
  • Innovation
  • Strategic leadership and leadership challenges in digital era
  • Analytics for strategic decision making

Data Science [5 Subjects]:

  • Business Analytics, including Big Data Analytics
  • Data representation and visualization, Categorical data analysis and optimization
  • Database management and data warehousing
  • AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Python, R, Java, and other programming languages

Application of Emerging Technologies in Business [5 Subjects]

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Services
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Internet-of-Things [including industry 4.0]
  • Blockchain

Cyber Security [5 Subjects]

  • Pillars of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Business Model
  • Essence of Cyber Security
  • Types of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Guidelines

Doing Business in specific Industry [5 Subjects]

  • Industry and competitive analysis of concerned Global and Indian Industry and strategic options at firm level [focus on concerned industry and its customer industry]
  • Dynamics of the Raw Materials and other inputs industry and strategic options at firm level.
  • Productivity, Efficiency and Risk management in the concerned Industry - Operations and Supply Chain perspective
  • Planning, financing, and implementation of large-scale investment across value chain in the concerned Industry
  • Strategic & Leadership Challenges in concerned Industry

Other possible options for specialization

  • Sales and Marketing Management [5 Subjects]
  • Supply Chain Management [5 Subjects]
  • Human Resource Management [5 Subjects]
  • The pedagogy adapted for delivering this PG program is a combination of online faculty conducted live lectures, self-study based on reading materials provided, take-home hands-on assignments and industry case studies, in-class rapid tests and quizzes, Action Learning Projects, and presentations over 100% LIVE Digital platform. This pedagogy will enable participants to get an all-round exposure in the field of business and management areas as well as in specialization area and real-life applications of concepts and framework – discussed as a part of coursework - in industry
  • Graduates in engineering, science, arts and commerce or any other subjects from any UGC recognized university
  • Diploma engineers with 10+2+ 3=15 years education
  • Work experience will be an advantage
  • Based on skills acquired as a part of PGDME, become industry-ready to take up jobs in different areas of managerial function in general and specialization area in particular
  • Leverage the PGDME to make career transition by moving into new fields of activity
  • Get business and management skills and additionally acquire entrepreneurial skills and orientation to start one’s own business at an opportune time

Rs. 1,50,000/ + 18% GST (with Specialization).

Payment can be made by account payee cheque or demand draft drawn in
favour of CALCUTTA MEDIA INSTITUTE Pvt Ltd. And payable at Kolkata.

For payment by NEFT use the following information about CMI Bank


ADDRESS: 501 Elgin Chambers, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700



C D A/C NO: 50200060714930


MICR NO: 700240024


Send Transaction Id to CMI at post
completion of the transfer of funds

Course Duration: 45 Weeks (details in the curriculum section)

Classes will be held online.

All classes from 8 pm to 10 pm

Start date- End of April

Admission will be on the basis of selection through a 2 hour long online written test organized by The Strategy Academy. Submit your CV at for participating in the entrance test.

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