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Media Analytics

Online Certificate Course in Media Analytics

This three months Course intends to equip the participants with the knowledge, technique and tools to dig deep into the vast amount of data generated through different media (conventional and digital) and derive actionable business insights by applying various techniques and tools of analytics.

The main USP of this program is that one does not need to have any knowledge of coding (software programming) for joining and completing this course.

Classes will be held online



3 months

The course will cover the following topics

  1. Introduction to media analytics and its applications (1 session)
  2. Revisiting statistics for media analytics (2 sessions)
  3. Fundamentals of market research (2 sessions)
  4. Conventional media analytics (print, television, radio) (2 sessions)
  5. Descriptive analytics of website and mobile apps (3 sessions)
  6. Descriptive social media analytics (2 sessions)
  7. Fundamentals of machine learning (3 sessions)
  8. Predictive analytics on website and mobile apps (2 sessions)
  9. Text and sentiment analytics for digital content (2 sessions)
  10. Ethics and legal aspects of media analytics (1 session)

The course has 30 contact hours with each session of 1.5-hour duration. Thus, the course is delivered in 20 sessions spread across 3 months. Every week normally has 2 scheduled sessions usually conducted in the evening or over the weekend so that working professionals can take the sessions in non-working hours.

This course is meant primarily for business managers working in various line functions like marketing, sales, advertising, operations, procurement and IT from organisations across industry verticals e.g. manufacturing, banking and financial services, FMCG and retail, media, hospitality travel and tourism, information technology, etc. Entrepreneurs desiring to use analytics for their start-ups may also benefit from this course.

While this course is primarily meant for working professionals, management students in their second year or those who have just graduated but yet to join an organisation will also benefit from this course.

The aspiring participants need to be a graduate from any discipline at the minimal. However, this course requires a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics (Class 12 standard). It is also expected that the participants would be comfortable with numbers and basic mathematics and statistics.

The course will provide an opportunity for present marketing, media, advertising, PR and sales professionals to upskill themselves into the new and exciting world of digital media and analytics thus enhancing their career prospects and earning opportunities.

CMI has a track record of providing the best possible infrastructure, industry relevant modules and highly qualified industry based faculties for all its courses.

The course designers and Faculties for our Media Analytics course come from distinguished academic and professional background. They also deliver similar courses in IIMs and other leading national management Institutes. Our Faculties are also consultant, coach, trainer and speaker to leading Corporate and Government Departments. Some of the notable clients consulted, coached and trained by our Faculties are ABP Group, Asian Paints, ITC, CESC, National Insurance, Emami Group and Department of Tourism, Govt. of West Bengal etc.

The course fee is Rs. 30,000 plus applicable tax. Participants can register individually or through organisations. Any organisation nominating 3 candidates or more can avail of a 10% volume discount on each candidate.

For payment by NEFT use the following information about CMI Bank account :


ADDRESS: 501 Elgin Chambers, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road , Kolkata – 700 020



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MICR NO: 700240024


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