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Get Set Go

The Get-Set-Go Course is exclusively for children from Classes IV to VI. This 18-hour course over six days, created and conducted by Mr. Barry O’Brien, aims to energize the minds of children through drama, elocution, quizzes, and interesting team activities. They will have fun in a relaxed atmosphere, while learning, honing their skills and growing in confidence.

This course will help the children to:

  • Improve their listening skills, be more patient
  • ‘Concentrate’ better for longer periods of time
    • Improve their social skills
  • Be more relaxed and spontaneous while in the company of people
  • Be ‘team players’ who care for others as much as they care for themselves
  • Improve their General Knowledge
  • Read more fluently
  • Speak more confidently
  • Improve their diction
    • Embrace the Power of Expression

Barry Sir will ‘bring alive the child in him’ as he speaks to them in a language they understand – the language of FUN, LAUGHTER, ACTIVITIES. The best language to ‘learn’ in! His ‘hidden agenda’ is to get them to want to READ more, KNOW more, DO more. The quiet introvert will smile more and interact more; the high-on-energy extrovert will learn to channelize his or her energy more effectively.

Students of Classes IV to VI

The course has been conceptualized and will be conducted by Mr. Barry O’Brien, one of the country’s most creative ‘teachers’. An author of widely prescribed schoolbooks and a former classroom teacher, he understands ‘the child’ in each child. Perhaps, this is why they happily welcome him into THEIR world – where creativity and spontaneity are often wrestling fear and failure. This helps him to unlock the joy of being a child and the thrill of learning.

He is a celebrated Public Speaker and Motivational Speaker, renowned Quiz Master and a distinguished Educationist. Mr. O’Brien will conduct the classes.

Rs. 11,000 (inclusive of all taxes).

Payable to: Calcutta Media Institute Pvt. Ltd. by account Payee cheque or Demand Draft payable at Kolkata.  For payment by NEFT use the following information about CMI Bank account –

Name of the Company: Calcutta Media Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Company: 501 Elgin Chambers, 5th Floor, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700020.

Name of the Bank: United Bank of India.

Address of the Bank: College Street Branch, YMCA Building, 90/7, M.G. Road, Kolkata 700012.

C D A/C No.: 0083050002455.

RTGS IFSC No.: UTBI0COL108.  Send Transaction id to CMI at post completion of the transfer of funds.  Online payment can be done through net banking or debit or credit cards.

The classes will be held at Calcutta Media Institute, 501 Elgin Chambers, 5th Floor, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700020.

Classes to be conducted on- To be announced

Timing- 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm (11, 12, 13 and 14 March) and 10 am to 1 pm (15 and 16 March)


To apply online click here or collect a physical form from 501 Elgin Road, 5th Floor, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700020.  Submit filled up application form with a recent photograph.

or You can Contact: 9748334447 / 9051653877

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