Digital Transformation Masterclass

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Digital Transformation Masterclass

Digital Transformation Master Class, a 30+ hour, industry focused and workshop based one of its kind program which will take the participants through the 5 key pillars of any Digital Transformation or Marketing exercise

ð  Understanding the Digital context of Digital Transformation

ð  Strategy & Blueprinting Digital Transformation

ð  Executing Digital Transformation through hands on case studies

ð  Measuring through Analytics the efficacy of Digital Transformation

Along with this the participants will also go through ‘Case Study’ driven discussions and hands-on exercises to understand all the key concepts prevalent in the industry such as Performance Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , PPC Ads , Digital Content Planning , Conversion Rate Optimization , B2B Vs B2C oriented channels , Influencer Marketing etc. imparting them with knowledge to be a part of large scale Digital Transformation programs going forward in various capacities




3 months

Setting the Context

  1. Setting the Context

1.1           The Triggers

1.2           Digital Business Models

1.3           Digital Consumer Behavior

1.4           Digital Channels

1.5           Digital Content

1.6           Digital Transformation

1.7           Digital Agency Anatomy

1.8           Understanding Why & How businesses globally are adopting Digital paradigm

1.9           Quiz


Digital Strategy – Backbone of Digital Transformation

Chapter 1

  1. Digital Strategy – Fundamentals of Digital Transformation

1.1           Understanding AS-IS Business Model

1.2           Know Your Brand - Create Brand Persona

1.3           Know Your Consumer – Create Buyer Persona and Understand Buyer Journey

1.4           Key Areas for Digital Transformation

1.5           Industry Standards

1.6           Practical

1.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 2

  1. 0      Digital Audit – Figure out Digital Maturity Score

2.1           Digital Audit Checklist

2.2           Goal Setting

2.3           Define KPIs & Matrices

2.4           Tools to Perform Audit

2.5           Conduct the Digital Audit for Brand Digital Maturity

2.6           Practical

2.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3

  1. Competition Analysis

3.1           Digital Research

3.2           Social listening Tools

3.3           Build Insights into Business Audience & Competitors

3.4           Industry Case Studies

3.5           Practical

3.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4

  1. Develop a Digital Transformation Roadmap

4.1           Content Strategy

4.2           Organic/Paid marketing Strategy

4.3           Channel Mix Strategy

4.4           PR Strategy

4.5           Content Distribution Plan

4.6           Practical

4.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 5

  1. Measure Digital Marketing Effectiveness – Smart Insights

5.1           Top Digital Marketing Metrics & KPIs

5.2           Identify KPIs and Targets for Your Brand

5.3           Tools and Techniques to Measure and Evaluate KPIs

5.4           Reporting Framework

5.5           Practical

5.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 6

  1. Creating Sales Pitch – How to create a pitch for Digital Program

6.1           The ABC of creating Sales Pitches

6.2           Industry Case Studies

6.3           Practical

6.4           Chapter Quiz


Content Marketing – The Art of Storytelling

Chapter 1

  1. Content Marketing Nuances

1.1           Content Marketing Lifecycle

1.2           Funnel Orientation Of Content Marketing

1.3           Effective Content Marketing Tactics

1.4           Amazing Case Studies of Content Marketing

1.5           Practical

1.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 2

  1. Content Planning& Implementation

2.1           Brand Persona Research

2.2           Audience Research

2.3           Content Maturity Audit

2.4           Content Research – Topic & Keyword Research

2.5           Channel Mix & Content formats

2.6           Content Creation Workflow

2.6.1   Content Calendar

2.6.2   Visualization Techniques

2.6.3   Storyboard

2.6.4   Content Validation & QC

2.7           Practical

2.8           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3

  1. Content Distribution

3.1           Paid, Owned & Earned Media

3.2           Automation Tools

3.3           Content Efficacy & Insights

3.4           Practical

3.5           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4

  1. Content Techniques for Organic Marketing

4.1           Search Engine

4.2           Social Media

4.3           Email

4.4           Blogs

4.5           PR

4.6           Practical

4.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 5

  1. Content Techniques for Paid  Marketing

5.1           Paid Search (PPC, Responsive Ads, Display Ads)

5.2           Social Media Advertising

5.3           Banner Ads

5.4           Native Ads

5.5           Practical

5.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 6

  1. Modern Content Design Tips & Techniques

1.1           Current trends on Content Consumption with examples

1.2           Channel nuances for example Instagram Story Content, LinkedIn Pulse

1.3           Technology enabled content

1.4           Design Trends

1.5           Practical

1.6           Chapter Quiz


Channel Mix – Understanding Digital Distribution

Chapter 1

  1. Learn about the entire Gamut of Channel Mix

1.1           Inbound And Outbound Marketing

1.2           Channel Mix – Why and What?

1.3           Digital Marketing Channels – How It helps &How to Use (Best Practices & Top Strategies)

  1. Website
  2. Email
  3. Social Media
  4. Search (Google)
  5. Mobile
  6. 3rdParty Portals
  7. Technology Platforms
  8. Commerce Platforms ( e-Commerce & Market Portals)

1.4           Practical

1.5           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 2

  1. Website– How to Distribute on Own  Media

2.1           Elements of a good Website

2.2           Industry Case Studies

2.3           Website Development Lifecycle

2.4           Website Optimization from Google perspective

2.5           Website Optimization from End User perspective

2.6           Practical

2.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3

  1. How to plan Distribution  on Instagram ( Social Channel Example)

3.1           Personal Profile Vs Business Profile

3.2           Instagram Marketing Tools

3.3           Partner with Influencers for a Wider Reach

3.4           Strategies for Instagram profile augmentation

3.5           Instagram Case Studies

3.6           Practical

3.7           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4

  1. How to plan Distribution through Email

4.1           Setting up Mail as a channel

4.2           Mail Marketing Tools

4.3           Understanding Marketing Automation through Mailers

4.4           Mail Marketing Case Studies

4.5           Practical

4.6           Chapter Quiz

Digital Media Planning – Amplifying Digital Distribution

Chapter 1

  1. Media Planning  – Business Goal driven Mix for Inbound & Outbound  Media Plan

1.1           Understanding Media Planning

1.2           Understand Media Architecture

1.3           Media Optimization Scenarios

1.4           Practical

1.5           Chapter Quiz


Chapter 2

  1. Search Engine Optimization – Organic Inbound Amplification

2.1           How Search Engine Works

2.2           On Page Vs Off Page SEO

2.3           SEO Methodology with industry best practices

2.4           Industry Case Studies

2.5           Practical

2.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3

  1. Social Media ADs

3.1           Setting up Outbound Ads using Facebook Ad Manager

3.2           Understanding AD Optimization

3.3           Industry Case Studies

3.4           Practical

3.5           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4

  1. Search ADs

4.1           Setting up Inbound & Outbound Ads using Google Ads Manager

4.2           Understanding AD Optimization

4.3           Industry Case Studies

4.4           Practical

4.5           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 5

  1. Other 3rdParty AD Platforms

5.1           Native Ads and understanding how they work

5.2           How to buy AD space on 3rd party Channels

5.3           Industry Case Studies

5.4           Practical

5.5           Chapter Quiz


Digital Program Management – Planning, Estimation & Monitoring

Chapter 1

  1. Digital Program Management  – Setting the ground rules for successful Digital Program

1.1           Understanding Digital Organogram

1.2           How to plan & estimate Digital Tasks

1.3           Understanding Primary / Secondary KPIs and how to create Task / KPI / Innovation tracker to monitor health of Digital Program

1.4           Project Management System example to monitor Digital Programs

1.5           Understanding Digital Governance

1.6           Chapter Quiz

Chapter 2

  1. Digital Analytics  – Business Insights driven by Digital Profiling

2.1           Understanding & Interpreting Channel Insights

2.2           Understanding & Interpreting AD Insights

2.3            Reporting Formats

2.4           Industry Case Studies

2.5           Practical

2.6           Chapter Quiz


Concept discussion, case studies, group work inside and outside formal sessions and experience sharing.

This course has been designed keeping in mind the current industry requirements and has been structured by industry veterans who have been running marketing agencies for more than 10+ years now. Some key pointers of this program are

ð  2 Days Online + One Day offline class ensuring a convenient hybrid model

ð  Every module have Chapter Tests/ Quizzes , Module Assignments and an overarching  Case Study which will allow participants to apply every concept hands-on

ð  Paid Tool subscription will be provided to get a feel of Industry / Agency ecosystem

ð  Industry Expert interaction will be there as a key part of this program where the participants will get to interact with certain experts from the industry apart from the core faculty

ð  Knowledge related to industry certifications will be provided and the participants will be encouraged to complete some of them

ð  1:1 mentoring and doubt clearance will be provided

Some of the industry acclaimed tools like SEMRUSH , Website Grader , BuzzSumo etc. will be used along with Channel plug-ins to get the participants acquainted with the industry best practices



  • Attendance: 10%,
  • Participation in discussion with the faculty and participants during faculty conducted classes:20%,
  • Individual/group assignments: 30%,

End-of-the-program exam:  40%

Evaluation and Grading


  • There will be several areas of evaluation comprising:
    • level of attendance during sessions conducted by faculty
    • level of participation during class discussion,
    • surprise quiz,
    • Individual and group work on case studies
    • Formal presentation of case studies
    • End of the program examinations


  • An overall evaluation will be made on relative basis considering performance in above mentioned areas. Each participant will be graded as either Excellent or Good or Average or Fair or Poor depending on his/her overall performance relative to the batch.
  • A Completion Certificate will be issued only if the composite level of attendance and class participation is 60% or above and overall grade is at least Average. Those who will not meet this minimum requirement will be issued a Participation Certificate.



The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies & CMI to certify this program jointly. There will be 4 categories of certification, depending on the level of performance – on relative basis – achieved

Graduates or Post Graduates who are either going to start their careers or working professionals

Understanding or experience in Sales or Marketing is a plus though this course has a 1 week of Context Setting which will help people coming from any background to adapt to this program


As per the market pundits, Digital Transformation skills is and will be the most sought after by companies in the next few years. The ability to conceptualize , design , execute & manage a Digital Transformation ( Digital Marketing) will be of high demand and value both by the brands and the agencies globally. This program will also help you to step up in your current organization and role because every organization today, small or big, is trying to imbibe Digital as their growth enabler

CEO& Growth Strategist at UrsDigitally. Specializes in conceptualizing large scale Digital Transformation Programs

An alumnus of IIM-Kolkata & Jadavpur Mitul was instrumental in setting up MAGNE, a Retail Consulting brand which enabled Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence for Retail Brands. Mitul was instrumental in merging MAGNE with MaxMobility, a leading technology firm focusing on Cloud & Mobility enabled services and solutions

Post acquisition of MAGNE, Mitul is the CEO & Strategy Head of UrsDigitally, the Digital arm of Max Mobility. His key role is to establish UrsDigitally as Digital Transformation & Content Marketing agency serving large deal space clients globally. He also doubles up as key account manager for marquee clients like Tata Steel, Godrej etc.  He has been instrumental in setting up the Digital Strategy & Market Portal Management practices for UrsDigitally.

In his pre entrepreneur avatar, Mitul was a Principal Consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers India and was heading the Enterprise Architecture & Compliance group which is a part of EA&I practice

Rs. 45,000/ + 18% GST.

Payment can be made by account payee cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of CALCUTTA MEDIA INSTITUTE Pvt Ltd. And payable at Kolkata.

For payment by NEFT use the following information about CMI Bank account:


ADDRESS: 501 Elgin Chambers, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 020



C D A/C NO: 50200060714930


MICR NO: 700240024


Send Transaction Id to CMI at post completion of the transfer of funds

Course Duration: 3 months

Classes will be held online -  on Tuesdays and Saturdays and offline - on Thursdays. All classes from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Start date- End January 2023

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