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Customer Strategy & Customer Management

Customers are at the centre of any business. With increased competition for the share of wallet of the customer and the ever increasing choices available to the customers, it is increasingly becoming important to understand the customers’ needs, aspirations etc and draw up strategy to win them over and retain them. This course is aimed at equipping you with this knowledge and skill.


3 months

Session -1&2

  • Understanding Customers, their needs and wants and decision-making processes and key stakeholders
  • Why customers do not buy our products and services
  • Analysing customers
  • Analysing competition focusing on same customer segments

Session - 3

  • Managing for value
  • Customer journey and stage-wise value proposition
  • Do your customers superior value or more money by doing business with you

Session - 4

  • Customer centricity

Session - 5&6

  • Principles of Customer Strategy
  • Manage the Customer, Not Just the Sales Force
  • The New WTP: Willingness to Participate

Session - 7

  • Negotiating with customers
  • Start playing to win and stop playing not to lose
  • Co-creation of solution: Community powered problem solving

Session - 8

  • Low-Pressure Selling
  • Provocative selling
  • How to sell to difficult customers

Session - 9

  • Selling as a Systematic Process
  • Humanize Your Selling Strategy

Session - 10

  • How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea
  • Pitch Your Project!
  • How to sell any product?

Session - 11

  • What Makes a Good business development cum Salesman?
  • Sell Yourself!
  • Sales Reps, Stop Asking Leading Questions
  • To Increase Sales, Change the Way You Sell
  • Be an Intrapreneur

Session - 11, 12 & 13

  • Customer Analytics for finding new sources of differentiation and spotting new opportunities
  • Dark Side of Customer Analytics

Session - 14

  • Communicating with customers
  • Communications Policy

Session - 15

  • B2B Customer moments: Winning in the moments that matter

Session -16

Case -10: Comprehensive case analysis and presentation in Groups [ presentation to be made over 100% LIVE Audio plus Video Platform of The Strategy Academy

Concept discussion, case studies, group work inside and outside formal sessions and experience sharing.

This Course design includes:

  • 32 hours of Faculty Conducted Learning Sessions, and
  • 32 hours of Scheduled, Guided and Monitored Learning, implying a total involvement of 64 hours which will take place over a period of 3 months.
  • 16 Sessions each @ 2 hours, totalling 32 hours | 2 Sessions per week, with each session being 2 hours, spread over 8 weeks.

Session timing:  8 to 10pm IST; participants can attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive classes from their respective homes or from anywhere since the program will be delivered using The Strategy Academy’s Smart Learning and Transformation Solution [SLTS], the underlying communication platform of which is a technology enabled, 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive, real time communication system [comprising both Audio plus video streaming]

Meant for Managers, Executives interfacing with customers on day-to-day basis [for example, Business Development, Sales and Delivery team members who interact with customers on a day-to-day basis]

  • It will help participants understand Customers, their purchase processes and purchase criteria.
  • Will aid participants in developing critical skills required to spot new opportunities for growth, negotiate with customers, and get orders.

Will boost the confidence of participants and develop in them a ‘must do’ attitude to make breakthrough sales as well as grow revenues from current and future sets of customers.


  • Attendance: 10%,
  • Participation in discussion with the faculty and participants during faculty conducted classes:20%,
  • Individual/group assignments: 30%,

End-of-the-program exam:  40%

Evaluation and Grading


  • There will be several areas of evaluation comprising:
    • level of attendance during sessions conducted by faculty
    • level of participation during class discussion,
    • surprise quiz,
    • Individual and group work on case studies
    • Formal presentation of case studies
    • End of the program examinations


  • An overall evaluation will be made on relative basis considering performance in above mentioned areas. Each participant will be graded as either Excellent or Good or Average or Fair or Poor depending on his/her overall performance relative to the batch.
  • A Completion Certificate will be issued only if the composite level of attendance and class participation is 60% or above and overall grade is at least Average. Those who will not meet this minimum requirement will be issued a Participation Certificate.



The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies & CMI to certify this program jointly. There will be 4 categories of certification, depending on the level of performance – on relative basis – achieved

The program is designed by a team of analytics professionals with active support and direction by Prof Ranjan Das, Professor  of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Prof Das is associated with: IIM, Calcutta [Full time: 1994 – 2014; Visiting: 2014 onwards], The Strategy Academy [2008 onwards], IIM, Jammu [2020-22], Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar [2020-22],  IIM, Ranchi [ Visiting: 2014-15], IIM, Trichy [ Visiting: 2014-17], UPH University,  Jakarta [Visiting:2014-17], Indian School of Business, Hyderabad [Visiting: 2008-09], and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong [Visiting: 2005-06]

Rs. 45,000/ + 18% GST, Rs. 35,000+ 18% GST is applicable for all the admissions within 31st December 2021.

Any organisation nominating 3 persons or more will be entitled to 15% volume discount on the course fee for each nominee.

Payment can be made by account payee cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of CALCUTTA MEDIA INSTITUTE Pvt Ltd. And payable at Kolkata.

For payment by NEFT use the following information about CMI Bank account:


ADDRESS: 501 Elgin Chambers, 1A Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 020



C D A/C NO: 50200060714930


MICR NO: 700240024


Send Transaction Id to CMI at post completion of the transfer of funds

Course Duration: 3 months

Classes will be held online on Monday and Thursday from 8pm to 10pm

Start date- End January 2022

An objective aptitude test will be applied for selecting students for admission. Click here for applying for the test

Admission for selected students will be done on a first-come-first-served basis for limited number of seats.

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